New Regufoam – Regupol vibration control products

July 2, 2015

New Regufoam – Regupol vibration control products

New Regufoam & Regupol types are available in Greek & Cypriot Market. ALPHA Acoustiki as the exclusive partner of BSW-Berleburg for Regufoam & Regupol Impact Sound Insulation & Vibration isolation products is happy to announce that the new product types are available in Greece and Cyprus. Additionally as a consequence Vibration control product that use Regufoam Vibro-CH.FVibro-QH.F & Vibro-3D also will adjust their technical characteristics to match the requested types.

The new product range for vibration isolation elastomers building material consists of a total of 20 different materials. It is divided into the Regufoam ( vibration product series, which includes twelve different materials, and Regupol vibration series, which includes eight different materials.

The material can cover a wide range of applications that includes all applications in the building, industry and numerous machine construction applications. The focus of the application is on vibration decoupling of machine foundations as well as vibration isolation.

To accompany the launch of the new vibration insulation product line, we also introduce the software which helps when selecting and dimensioning suitable vibration damper solutions.

Users enter their project data and technical boundary conditions with the aid of a clear and interactive user friendly interface.

Regufoam Vibration PLUS

The twelve versions of Regufoam vibration isolation mixed-cell polyurethane foam are arranged according to their static applications. Ideally, the entire static load-bearing capacity of an elastomer should be used for vibration isolation to achieve an optimal isolation effect. This requires a division into load ranges to ensure that equally high vibration isolation effects can be achieved under different load conditions. The load ranges of Regufoam vibration are graded up to 250 tn/m². Each load range was marked with a specific material color to facilitate identification on site.


Regupol vibration, the second product group, is a compound material made of recycle rubber granulates bonded with polyurethane glue. The load ranges are graded up to 150 t/m².

An advantage of Regupol vibration is a stable natural frequency over a wide range of loads. The material is made of at least 90% recycled rubber resource which offers credits for green building and LEED certification. Regupol products can be used for both Impact sound insulation (Regupol Sound) and vibration isolation (Regupol vibration). The increased weight capabilities of Regupol can be used as elastomeric bearings for buildings. Additionally the Regupol Sound are available in a pioneer design (profile surface) which them to absorb impact shocks.


Additionally we would like to present our newest vibration control product Vibro-WB. Vibro-WB  is an antivibration wall brace with Regufoam. The key advantage of this product is that the thickness of the Regufoam part can be altered so that the specific natural frequency is achieved. The product is available in two main thicknesses 25 & 37.5 mm. The pioneering design of the product allows it to absorb impact vibration in positive and negative oscillations.

Antivibration wall braces Vibro-WB is used in order to add structural integrity of long and tall partitions, which are mounted on antivibration pads or based on floating floor. They avoid any direct connection between the double stud or combination on of masonry walls.

Additionally to the above presented vibration isolation products there has been some the established antivibration hangers VIBRO CH.F, VIBRO QH.F and VIBRO 3D. These products cover a wide range of application from floating ceiling hangers to marine and defense vibration control.

Anti-vibration ceiling hangers are very crucial in acoustic projects like music studios, auditoriums, rehearsal rooms, home cinema etc. Isolating the vibration with the installation of adequate ceiling hangers can resolve complex acoustic problems of vibration.

Furthermore advanced antivibration rubber mounts with Regufoam technology can be utilized to isolate vibration as ceiling hangers, floor mounts or even wall mounts. Its multidirectional vibration control can be rather useful in defense, marine and industrial projects.

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