Vibro products in World Guinness Music Studio

In November 2022 Merwas studio in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was recognized as the largest music production studio in the world, winning the corresponding Guinness World record. Vibro products were chosen for the construction of the special floating room (room-in-a-room) of the studio. The selection of special Vibro vibration absorbers was made based on their strict specifications, […]

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Hotel Soundproofing

  Disturbing noise from hotels’ lack of soundproofing is one of the top complaints among guests. Along with poor WiFi and cleanliness, noise is one of the main reasons why guests are not only unhappy with their stay, but also write negative reviews. When you stay in a hotel in Greece, regardless the reason of your stay (vacation or work), […]

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Collaboration with Tiflex LTD Great Britain

ALPHA Acoustiki is pleased to announce its partnership with Tiflex LTD based in Cornwall, Great Britain. It is a very positive development for our company since this collaboration will further promote vibration control and acoustics solutions in England. Tiflex LTD was established in 1990 from a merger of two well-established companies in the field of […]



NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT methodology With respect to the environment and the ISO 14001, with which we are certified, we decided to incorporate sustainable solutions into everything we do. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI has integrated Eco- Design and Circular Economy best practices into our product development procedure. We estimate every circumstance including: Risk Assessment for Hazardous substances, in order […]


Wooden House Acoustics and Noise Insulation

Eco-Building Acoustics in Timber houses is a topic that although it is not new, it is still not widely developed. However, acoustics and soundproofing are critical parameters to take into consideration for any wooden house to be comfortable. In recent years Eco-building material has high demand. A lot of home owners prefer to use natural […]


Collaboration with Sinergi Acoustic (Indonesia)

Alpha Acoustiki is happy to announce its partnership with Sinergi Acoustic consultancy in Indonesia, a key player in acoustics and noise control. This partnership will further promote our vibration control systems into recording studios and control rooms in Indonesia. Sinergi Acoustic is a professional consultant agency in Acoustic Architecture & Soundproofing in Jakarta, founded by […]


Room in a Room Photo Gallery Update

We are pleased to announce that we have recently used our Vibro Vibration Systems in many music studios in constructions with high sound insulation requirements. Specialized acoustic engineers and contractors trusted ALPHA ACOUSTICS and chose our anti-vibration products systems. So we were given the opportunity to collect photos from their applications and to enrich our […]

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