Vibro CH.F: Suspended Anti-Vibration Hanger With Regufoam®

Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam®, for antivibration suspension of machinery like ventilators, air conditioning, gympumboard etc.

General Details
Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam® is available in 4 different thickness, which can alternate the natural frequency achieved in each project.
It can be used for:
  • Anti-vibration suspension of machinery (ventilators, air conditioning e.t.c.)
  • Suspension of sound insulation false ceiling (gypsum board).
  • Anti-vibration suspension of pipes, air – ducts.

The frame of Vibro CH.F is galvanized metal. The precisely designed incisions provide easy bending of its frame, at certain shapes, that can be achieved by the force of a single hand. Therefore, Vibro CH.F can be easily transformed into 4 different shapes, in order to help the installer to use it in the most favorable form.

It can be used in the following forms:

  • Pattern (1) screwed on both sides of the metal suspension’s profile.
  • Pattern (2) is fixed with 2 anchors on the ceiling.
  • Pattern (3) is fixed with 1 anchor on the ceiling.
  • Pattern (4) hanged up with a hook or other proper device.

The elastic element of the hanger is high-quality polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells, which is manufactured by BSW, a German company with the trademark Regufoam®. Full range of its mechanical behavior diagrams and certificates which were conducted at the University of Dresden are available upon request.

The Vibro CH.F Anti-vibration suspension is available with four different thickness of its elastic pad, achieving different natural frequency:

  • 12 mm (Natural Frequency 17 Hz)
  • 25 mm (Natural Frequency 12 Hz)
  • 37 mm (Natural Frequency 9.5 Hz)
  • 50 mm (Natural Frequency 8 Hz)
Selection Table

 selection table for Vibro-QH.F

Application photos

Some applications of Vibro CH-F can be shown below:

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