General Details

Regupol® is the material from which BSW GmbH manufactures a wide variety of materials for vibration insulation for the building and construction industry.

Regupol® consists of a number of different grained recycled cellular polyurethane-bound rubber granulates glued together with polyurethane glue.

Regupol® products advantages include that they are highly adaptable, longevity, they can bear high-level loads and are 100% recycled.

Object-specific, individual production, as well as customer-specific finishing, packaging and storage, ensure rapid application-specific solutions.

Ensures efficient application of specific solutions.

The Regufoam products are equivalent with Sylomer® and Sylodyn® by Getzner, Vibrafoam® by Kraiburg PuraSys and Dantec®, Wave 3D® by Kraiburg Relastec.

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