New Wall Braces developed

August 13, 2013

New Wall Braces developed

ALPHA Acosutiki is happy to introduce a new series of Vibration isolation products designed to absorb vibrations in flanking wall transmissions.  Both new products are a part of the “building vibration and isolation control” product group. More specifically they are both wall braces with different capabilities, able to cover a wide range of applications that require vibration isolation.

Anti-vibration wall connections and anti-vibration wall braces are designed to offer to consultants and project engineers a reliable vibration control in horizontal displacements.

In a box-in-a-box construction method flanking transmissions can often occur, specifically in walls with increased height, where a connection is more often required. For that reason wall clips VIBRO are installed to reduce the vibration transmission to the building elements with the use of an elastic anti-vibration element.

More information is available in the below links:

Vibro-SC and Vibro-WB

Their main advantages of these wall studs are the ease of use, the innovative design and the certified reliable noise and vibration reduction. For more information regarding our innovative wall studs, wall clips and wall braces do not hesitate to contact us further at [email protected]

In order to achieve maximum structure-borne noise reduction anti-vibration wall braces Vibro-SC & Vibro-WB can be combined with Vibro WS for a complete isolation of the wall structure and prevent and possible sound-bridges.

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About Antonios Argoudelis
Linkedin Profile Antonios is our Mechanical Vibration in HVAC systems specialist. During his studies as an Industrial Engineer and his MSc in Noise and Vibration control he had the opportunity to set the foundations for enriching the VIBRO vibration isolation product range with more advanced systems.
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