Vibro-WB: Anti-Vibration Wall Braces

Anti-vibration wall brace that prevents horizontal vibration transmission and sound-bridges in walls structures.

General Details


The anti-vibration wall braces Vibro-WB are used in order to add structural integrity of long and tall gypsum board walls, which are mounted on anti-vibration pads or based on floating floor.
Isolated walls are a very critical aspect in order to prevent vibration transmission in a building application. Floating walls with vibration isolation products are often used in music studios, home cinemas and overall acoustically sensitive areas.
In a floating wall construction, it is important that the walls of the space are isolated from the building’s structural elements. Vibro-WB wall braces contribute in fully isolating an acoustically sensitive space, by preventing vibration transmission and sound bridges. If the wall requires lateral support to sustain compression and shear forces, anti-vibration wall braces will be required.

Why use Vibro-WB?

  • To avoid any direct connection between the double walls and increase their stiffness.
  • To prevent wall backling during earthquakes.
  • Useful when a secondary wall is applied for improved sound insulation where rigid connections will cause unwanted sound bridge.


Vibro-WB wall braces consists of a metal frame, suitable reinforced and modulated. Two special anti-vibration elastic support, Vibro-mini, is placed internally to absorb positive and negative axial forces. The pass through screw does not come in contact with the metal frame, so that no sound bridge is created.
The wall braces are not to be used for vertical support.


Natural Frequency (at maximum load): 10 Hz


-VIBRO vibration isolation products offer a complete range of solutions which can isolate most wall types, primarily   drywall. A large range in wall weights can be accommodated and customized solution can also be carried out. For   more information and methods to resolve your vibration isolation project do not hesitate to contact us at   [email protected] and we will provide you with more technical information and installation methods for our sway   braces.





A (mm)

B (mm)

C (mm)

Vibro – WB.25




Vibro – WB.50






Application photos

Indicative application of Vibro-WB can be shown below:

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