Studio application in Belgium

February 19, 2015

Studio application in Belgium

Following our recent expansion to the Belgian and Dutch market announced in June 2014 and collaboration with Company Ideal Acoustics our first prestigious project was recently delivered.

Our first project was a prestigious music studio applications in Brussels, Belgium. The music studio was constructed  using the “room in a room” construction method to isolate vibrations and secure the required level of comfort inside the studio.

Studio Under Construction

Combining the experience of Ideal Acoustics company in music studio construction, together with our technical knowledge allowed us to successfully execute one of the most prestigious acoustic projects in Belgium.


VIBRO products were extensively used to prevent vibration transmission from the music room to the ambient and vice versa. Specifically the anti-vibration products that were installed in this application were used the floating walls, floors and ceiling.

Therefore antivibration ceiling hangers VIBRO SH were used to isolated the existing concrete slab to the new “floating ceiling”. Considering that the ceiling was the most critical building element of the studio, for that reason spring ceiling hangers with natural frequency =3Hz were used.


Additionally the walls were mounted on rubber pads for floating walls VIBRO WS to prevent the flanking transmission from the wall to rest of the music studio building elements.

Finally the floor was mounted on elastic pads to prevent the structure-bourne vibration transmission.



The specific project in Brussels was another prestigious music studio project that VIBRO anti-vibration products were used.

Products used VIBRO SH, WS, EP

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