Vibro-SH: Anti-vibration Spring Hangers for False Ceilings

Spring hanger for false-ceiling that offers a very low natural frequency. Can be used in several applications like cinemas,studios theaters etc.

General Details


Anti-vibration spring hangers for false ceilings Vibro-SH concist of metal frame made of galvanized sheet, properly formed with lateral strength, steel spring, antivibration rubber element at the bottom of the spring which acts as a sound break and increase isolation efficiency. The steel spring faces the low-frequency excitation.
They can also be pre-loaded by tightening the nut and the anchor of the suspension must be perpendicular..


Vibro-SH can be used for anti-vibration hanging for sound insulating false ceilings, antivibration suspension of pipes, air-ducts, loudspeakers etc.

Dynamic Characteristics

Maximum Load: 25 Κp*
Deflection: 25 mm at maximum load
Natural Frequency: 3 Hz at maximum load
Other load range on request.



1. Mark grid pattern and ceiling hanger position on existing non-isolated ceiling. Isolators must be located about 30cm from the edge of the isolated ceiling.
2. Fasten the hanger in the concrete ceiling using steel flush anchor M8 and a relevant rod passing through the rubber element of the hanger, fix with a safety nut.
3. Hangers are located according to the room dimensions and the total weight of the ceiling, approximately 4 hangers/m2.
4. Fix the legs of isolator in the main profile using 2+2 appropriate screws.
5. All the metal channels shall not contact perimeter walls (avoid sound bridges).
6. In order to proceed with a leveling adjustment, turn the lower nut in appropriate direction until reaching the required level.
7. Install the gymsumboard system, including also sound absorption slabs and noise insulation membrane, according to the gymsumboard manufacturer instructions.
8. Seal edges with resilient non-hardening mastic.

Load Range

Load: 10 – 25 Κp*

Deflection: 25 mm at maximum load

Natural Frequency: 3 Hz at maximum load

Other load range on request.

Application photos

Some applications of Vibro-SH can be shown below:

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