New Regufoam antivibration hangers

April 4, 2014

New Regufoam antivibration hangers

Aiming in further improvement of our vibration isolation product range, we have developed several vibration isolators that can be used in building and mechanical projects that require vibration reduction.

Specifically we have developed some new anti-vibration hangers (using spring and Regufoam) that increase the loading capacity of our previous range of anti-vibration hangers. Specifically our latest product VIBRO HH can sustain up to 750kp load per hanging point. That makes it a unique antivibration hanger that can be used in a wide range of vibration isolation projects like pipe hanging, machinery hanging etc.

Combined with VIBRO CH that has been successfully used the last 15 years in hundreds of projects and covers up to load of 150kp per hanging point VIBRO HH can extend the hanging load to a range that would cover any requirements.

We have also developed a new range of vibration control hangers that utilize Regufoam technology from BSW Germany under the name VIBRO SHR that combined with anti-vibration spring a wide range of  frequency vibration isolation is achieved.

For technical clarifications and customized anti-vibration solutions do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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About Antonios Argoudelis
Linkedin Profile Antonios is our Mechanical Vibration in HVAC systems specialist. During his studies as an Industrial Engineer and his MSc in Noise and Vibration control he had the opportunity to set the foundations for enriching the VIBRO vibration isolation product range with more advanced systems.
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