A combination of special rubber with metal spring for better vibration isolation of low and high frequency heard by the human ear

General Details

Vibro-SH.F is a combination of a high-quality polyurethane cell foam (Regufoam®) and a metal spring, specially designed to isolate a very wide range of vibration frequencies, within the human ear spectrum.

  • Steel frame with a painted finish or galvanized protection
  • Steel spring in according to DIN standard with a galvanized finish.
  • Steel cup to prevent spring movement.
  • Rubber element (polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells)
  • Rod with safety nut (upon request)
  • The ability of angular misalignment up to 30 degrees without contacting the metal frame
  • Pre-loading kit (upon request)


  • Sound insulation Ceiling Hanger (false ceiling with plasterboard)
  • Antivibration machine hanger
  • Vibration isolation of pipes, air ducts, loudspeakers etc.


Natural frequency 3 Hz at maximum load
Static deflection about 25mm at maximum load

Load Range

Vibro-SHR Selection Table

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