Explore Vibro-TiLe: Advanced Vibration Isolation Solution

June 17, 2024

Explore Vibro-TiLe: Advanced Vibration Isolation Solution

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is proud to present the Vibro-TiLe, an innovative rubber product designed to set new standards in vibration isolation. Engineered with a special compound rubber, Vibro-TiLe effectively mitigates noise, high-frequency vibration, and impact from machinery, ensuring a quieter and more stable operational environment.

Vibro-TiLe‘s unique design features a modular waffle pattern, making it exceptionally adaptable. Each sheet comprises 16 basic modules (4×4 grid) with individual dimensions of 50×50 mm. This modularity allows for easy customization, as the pads can be cut to fit specific applications.

Vibro Tile versatile rubber tile isolator                        Vibro TiLe 4 modules typical application                             Vibro Tile versatile rubber pad vibration isolator

Key Features:

  • Flexible Support Base: When used with conical head screws, Vibro-TiLe transforms into a flexible support base, providing stability and reliability.
  • Reusable: In the event of machine relocation, Vibro-TiLe can be easily reused, saving time and resources.
  • Easy Installation: With its user-friendly design, Vibro-TiLe is easy to install.
  • Stackable Design: Multiple layers of pads can be stacked on top of each other for additional deflection, enhancing its effectiveness in vibration isolation.


Vibro-TiLe is perfect for use under compressors, HVAC units, pumps, fans, AHUs, heat pumps, generators, transformers, and presses. Its increased friction from circular rings on the bearing bases ensures stability and self-support in most applications. For scenarios requiring additional restraint, preformed conical holes accommodate M8-M10 screws for secure attachment to both the machine and the floor. This design feature ensures these holes do not affect the load.

VIBRO-TILE versatile rubber pad application fixing on machine VIBRO-TILE versatile rubber pad application fixing on machine and ground







Watch the full video on our YouTube channel, for instructions about the typical applications of Vibro-TiLe:

With its exceptional vibration isolation capabilities, modular design, and ease of installation, Vibro-TiLe is the ultimate solution for reducing noise and high-frequency vibrations in various industrial applications.

Discover the next level of vibration isolation with Vibro-TiLe.

For more information and technical options for the right anti-vibration system for your project, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department at tech@alphacoustic.com.

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