New vibration isolators catalog in Czech language

October 27, 2015

New vibration isolators catalog in Czech language

Following our very successful collaboration with Akustické Materiály Ltd, VIBRO is proud to present its new catalogs for 2015 in the Czech language!

Akustické Materiály Ltd is a Prague based company that is focused on retailing acoustic materials, soundproofing panels, flexible folding screens, plexiglass boards and other accessories.

 The presentation contains detailed technical information for the vibration isolators VIBRO. You can also find brief installation techniques, technical specifications and details for each anti-vibration specification.

The product categories include: Spring Mounts (housed &open type), Rubber Pads (neoprene & natural rubber), Building Anti-Vibration Products and a wide range of Vibration Isolation Hangers (spring hangers & rubber hangers).

We are very proud to have them on board and looking forward to many successful projects together.

Mr. David Benko from Akustické Materiály who is a very experienced in building and music studio vibration isolation applications will be happy to respond to inquiries in regards to VIBRO -vibration control products.

For more information please visit or contact Mr. Benko at +353 872374398 or at [email protected]

For inquiries and additional information for our vibration isolators or our distribution network around the world, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

You can download the catalogs from the below links:

 Anti-vibration products VIBRO Catalog in Czech


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