Successful completion for VIBRO vibration isolators in Spain

August 11, 2016

Successful completion for VIBRO vibration isolators in Spain

VIBRO vibration isolators with the assistance of our partners in Spain companies Insoflot and Acoustica Professional Applicada have successfully been installed in a prestigious project with several technical challenges.

As illustrated in the photos below our team of acoustic engineers, studied and selected the most adequate solution for a floating floor with vibration isolators VIBRO EP and spring mounts directly under the presses. With this solution a wide range of frequencies was isolated and the vibration was not transmitted to rest of the ares of the factory. The deflection of the vibration isolators was also studied as a critical parameter that will on the one hand determine the vibration isolation (%) but on the other hand may cause instability to the system, therefore it needs to be careful considered.

The results of this project were very satisfactory which was proven from the vibration measurements carried out, after its delivery.

With this project VIBRO vibration isolators established their brand in Spain and together with the several HVAC projects that have successfully been carried out in Spain the last years, VIBRO products are gaining market share in the industrial sector as well.

Our fast deliveries, competitive prices and engineering customer service create a unique combination and offer a competitive advantage to VIBRO vibration isolators that are expanding in several countries around the globe.

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