New spring mount VIBRO SMR application in Spain

January 30, 2015

New spring mount VIBRO SMR application in Spain

Our partner for the Spanish region company INSOFLOT, had successfully supplied and installed our newest model of VIBRO spring mounts.

Specifically in an engine test bench in a high tech- factory in Spain, the advanced spring mount VIBRO SMR with height adjsutment and lateral restrain was successfully utilised to isolate the vibration from the machine to the structures of the building. The challenge in the specific project, was primarilly the fact that there was a big difference between the static and the dynamic weight. Our team of acoustic engineers carried out an adequate anti-vibration product selection, which was successfully installed.

Indicative application photos are available below.

For more information regarding our spring mounts and rest of antivibration products, do not hesitate to contact us at or contact Mr. Antoni Oltra at or +34 691327278

You can download the catalogs from the below links:

Anti-vibration products VIBRO Catalog in Spanish

Anti-vibration products VIBRO Catalog in Catalan

This specific application in Spain, is one of the many applications around the globe that VIBRO spring mounts have been installed, solving vibration transmission problems.


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