New spring mount with viscous damping

October 10, 2014

New spring mount with viscous damping

We would like to present our new spring mount with viscous damping achieving vibration isolation with very low natural frequency.

Vibro-MSV is an antivibration mount with multiple springs. It is specially designed to have low height and is very effective with low frequency vibrations due to the viscous material. The elastic base acts as a sound break and increases the isolation efficiency in high frequencies, that could be transmitted through the springs.

Vibro-MSV is used for vibration control of machinery mounting with low excitation frequency, with amplitude variation, due to varying speeds of rotating machines. That is primarily useful in HVAC, mechanical and industrial applications that require vibration isolation.

The viscodamping vibration control system Vibro-MSV is a combination of spring and visco-damper mechanism. Reciprocating machinery creates large vibration forces, which frequently require passive isolation from the surrounding building structure. Many applications operate, quite satisfactorily, with only an undamped steel spring support, but where system resonances may be excited to unacceptable amplitude, due to the varying speed of the machine or transient conditions or shock loads, damping elements must be incorporated. This mount is specially designed to absorb low frequency
vibrations and restrict the excited motion and shock of perturbing vibrations at resonance point. It offers smoother machine operation.

Selecting the correct spring mount is a very critical aspect in resolving a vibration isolation problem.

For additional information on our NEW spring isolators with viscous damping or the existing product range of spring mounts do not hesitate to call us on +30210 677975 or email at We would be happy to carry out the exact product selection, based on the weight of the machine, the RPM, the distribution of weight, the acoustical sensitivity of the space and other critical acoustic parameters.

Compared to rubber and elastic mounts, antivibration spring isolators offer an increased deflection resulting in greater vibration isolation (%) especially when combined with viscous damping material. This makes them more applicable in high sensitivity acoustic projects, or for mechanical equipment which have low disturbing frequencies and they cannot be isolated by rubber mounts. Spring mounts come in a range of deflections and maximum loads, so that the level of isolation can be accurately selected for each application and the optimum characteristics will be achieved.


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Antonios Argoudelis
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