Collaboration with Tiflex LTD Great Britain

December 2, 2022

Collaboration with Tiflex LTD Great Britain

ALPHA Acoustiki is pleased to announce its partnership with Tiflex LTD based in Cornwall, Great Britain. It is a very positive development for our company since this collaboration will further promote vibration control and acoustics solutions in England.

Tiflex LTD was established in 1990 from a merger of two well-established companies in the field of antivibration products. They employ approximately 180 skilled people on a construction site of 11,200 sq.m. Its antivibration and vibration control products are used in major projects around the world and almost half of its production is exported abroad.

They are in direct collaboration with customers, and their staff works to develop and find solutions to various categories of engineering problems, specializing in those that require high performance and product durability.

Collaboration ALPHA Acoustiki & Tiflex


For more information about Tiflex LTD visit their website:

For information on antivibration and vibration control products or our worldwide distribution network, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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