Collaboration with Sinergi Acoustic (Indonesia)

April 14, 2021

Collaboration with Sinergi Acoustic (Indonesia)

Alpha Acoustiki is happy to announce its partnership with Sinergi Acoustic consultancy in Indonesia, a key player in acoustics and noise control. This partnership will further promote our vibration control systems into recording studios and control rooms in Indonesia.

Sinergi Acoustic is a professional consultant agency in Acoustic Architecture & Soundproofing in Jakarta, founded by Samuel Kevin. Since 2014 they have worked on dozens of national & international scale projects where acoustic performance is a priority, such as music studios, concert halls, theaters, cinemas, drum booths etc.

Sinergi Acoustic has great experience using “Box in a box” construction for Music Studios using Vibration control products for floating floors, floating walls and ceiling.

We believe that Sinergi Acoustics is a key player in Music studio vibration isolation and we are happy that such a highly technical company will be our esteemed partner in the region.

Sinergi’s chief strength lies in its consulting team comprising acoustic engineers, audio engineers, architects & interior designers who have extensive educational backgrounds and international certifications. Equipped with professional tools (software & hardware) that analyze, predict and simulate, they provide the most effective & efficient solutions for their clients.

For more information about Sinergi Acoustic please visit their website:

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