VIBRO vibration isolators in the 24th International Timber Construction Forum (IHF2018) with Regufoam and Regupol

March 1, 2019

VIBRO vibration isolators in the 24th International Timber Construction Forum (IHF2018) with Regufoam and Regupol

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd participated in the 24th International Timber Construction Forum (IHF2018) that took place in the Congress Center, Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany from the 5th to the 7th of December 2018.

vibration control products in Germany for exhibition









vibration control products in Germany VIBRO vibration isolators reduce impact vibration isolation in wooden buildings

vibration control in wooden building

vibration control in wooden building


Our main focus on the show was the vibration control systems VIBRO particularly our hangers (spring and rubber vibration isolators). Our products were presented in BSW’s stand together with solutions in the product range of Regufoam and Regupol.


Since 2017 VIBRO FOAM product range utilizes Regufoam technology and offers specialized solutions for wooden houses which are popular in several European countries. Due to lack of increased mass and elasticity vibration isolators are critical to prevent vibration transmission in the wooden houses.


vibration isolation products in Germany









Typical applications include floating ceilings with materials like VIBRO CHF or VIBRO QHF for direct application without mechanical fixing.

Additionally some solutions that include timber flooring vibration isolation like VIBRO FM and VIBRO FS were presented, enriching the presented portfolio.

We also had the opportunity to meet acoustic consultant, partners and colleges from around the world since the specific congress in one of the largest in the world. Specifically BSW´s team from USA, UAE, China, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Australia were at the stand and together with team members of VIBRO vibration control products, we had the opportunity to discuss about several topics around impact vibration isolation in buildings.

vibration control for wooden floorFor more than 10 years VIBRO and BSW solutions like Regufoam and Regupol have been working together offering a complete range of solutions.

Vibration control products Vibro attracted the attention of the acoustic consultants, mainly due to their innovative design, their efficiency and the wide range of their applications.

For more information on the complete range of vibration control products that BSW can offer please click here .

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