Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers

Our company has recently developed several types of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers using a cushion knitted stainless steel wire mesh.

This way we increase the damping factor and limit the amplification at the natural frequency.

The Wire Mesh family products can be used for vibration isolation of mechanical equipment in military, marine, avionics applications, in tough environments.

Recommended for mechanical Noise & Vibration isolation application in:
– Vibrating equipment subjected to seismic events.
– Vibrating equipment with significant center of mass alternations.
– High wind pressure or other external forces are applied
– Extreme temperature environment (-70 to+200 C0).

Some of our wire mesh vibration dampers are the following:
– Vibro-AMR.wm = Restrained single spring mount
– Vibro-3D.wm = Multi-directional support
– Vibro-MSR.wm = Multi Spring Restrained mount
– Vibro-MS.wm = Multi Spring mount
-Vibro-AM.wm = Free standing single spring mount

For more information and a free of charge technical selection of the most appropriate wire mesh vibration dampers for your project, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.


The new Vibro-3D.wm is an antivibration mount that can offer vibration control in every direction. It can be an ideal solution for shock-absorbing and vibration -isolation applications.


Vibro-AM.wm is a free standing single spring anti-vibration mount, with internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh. This metal cushion inside the spring increases the damping factor and limits the vibration at the natural frequency.


Vibro- MSR.wm is an anti-vibration spring mount with multi directional restraint with relative limit stops and internal stainless steel wire mesh cushion


Vibro - ΑMR .wm is an anti-vibration spring mount, with multi directional restraint, with relative limit stops and internal stainless steel wire mesh cushion.


Vibro-MS.wm is an anti-vibration mount, with multiple free standing springs. Within the internal diameter of the coil spring there is a resilient cushion knitted stainless steel wire mesh.

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