Spring hangers with very low natural frequency value are primarily used for vibration absorption in a wide range of building and industrial applications. For improved results combination of steel springs and rubber elements is applied to achieve optimum performance.

Suspended ceilings for floating drywall ceiling in studios, auditoriums, cinemas etc. Specifically used in “room in room” constructions when floating ceiling with spring isolator is required.
Antivibration machine hanging in industrial projects.
Vibration suspension of HVAC ( pipeworks, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems etc).


A spring hanger that consists of a combination of anti-vibration rubber with metal spring for better vibration isolation


Spring hanger for false-ceiling that offers a very low natural frequency. Can be used in several applications like cinemas,studios theaters etc.


A combination of special rubber with metal spring for better vibration isolation of low and high frequency heard by the human ear


Heavy duty spring and rubber antivibation hangers that can be used in applications with increased total weight and limited hanging points.

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