Rubber hangers are primarily used for vibration isolation in:

– Suspended gypsum board ceilings in studios, auditoriums, cinemas etc. Specifically used in “room in room” constructions when floating anti vibration ceiling with rubber hanger is required.
– Antivibration machine hanging in industrial applications.
– Vibration suspension of HVAC (pipeworks, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems etc).

Vibro-CH mini | Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension

The Vibro-CH Mini | Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension consists of a metal frame made of galvanized steel with notches in appropriate places and the antivibration mount Vibro mini

Vibro-QH mini | Sound Insulation Ceiling Hanger

Antivibration hangers with quick connection with the metal profile of ceiling systems

Vibro-Pi mini | Sound Insulation Suspension for Gypsum Board Ceilings

Suspension of sound insulation gypsum board ceilings. It can be used in all floating ceiling applications. | U form sound isolation Ceiling Bracket

U form sound isolation bracket for wall sway bracing, ceiling suspension and accessory hanging.

Vibro-SS | Simple Spring Isolator

A simple Anti-vibration hunger with rubber elements that help the internal spring acts as a sound break and increase isolation efficiency.

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