Regufoam Hangers

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI LTD has been utilizing BSW Regufoam technology to create a unique series of vibration control isolators. That includes anti-vibration hangers, antivibration mounts and multidirectional vibration isolators VIBRO 3D.

Regufoam is a mixed cell polyurethane elastomeric which present has very low natural frequency in the corresponding load ranges, making an optimum vibration control material.
Combining the above Regufoam characteristics with the pioneer R&D knowledge of ALPHA ACOUSTIKI in vibration control created a new range of excellent quality vibration isolation mounts and hangers.

Vibro-3D.F | Multi-directional Anti-vibration Mount

Vibro-3D is designed to sustain impulsive loads in all the three axis, so its capable to receive high vertical or lateral shocks with minimum danger of destruction

Vibro CH.F | Suspended Anti-Vibration Hanger With Regufoam®

Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam®, for antivibration suspension of machinery like ventilators, air conditioning, gympumboard etc.

Vibro-HH | Anti-Vibration Heavy-duty Hanger

Heavy duty spring and rubber antivibation hangers that can be used in applications with increased total weight and limited hanging points.

Vibro-QH.F | Sound Insulation for False Ceilings

A specially designed galvanized metal suspension hanger, which has grappling edges for QUICK AND EASY connection with the standard ceiling profiles

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