Vibro-EP metal

Antivibration Elastic Pad with Metal Cover that evenly distributes the load applied and protects the elastic part form UV exposure


Vibro-3D is designed to sustain impulsive loads in all the three axis, so its capable to receive high vertical or lateral shocks with minimum danger of destruction


Vibro-TRS.F is a special engineered and designed anti-vibration mount for electrical transformers with transportation rolls.


Jack-up anti-vibration mount for concrete floating floors. Ideal for floating floor in studios and very sensitive mechanical applications.


Suitable for low frequency vibration control, easy to apply


Anti-vibration spring isolators with lateral restrain, used for low frequency vibration isolation


Restrain for machines which are based on antivibration mounts during excitation of external forces


A non-reinforced rubber bearing system with a cross-section is suitable for use as an elastic support for structural components

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