Antivibration sheets Regufoam - Regupol

Regufoam® is a mixed cell polyurethane elastomer produced in six different hardness grades or densities with combined spring and dampening properties. The different material densities are colour coded. Regufoam® has very low natural frequency in the corresponding load ranges, resulting in an optimum vibration isolation material.

Regupol is a vibration control product consists of a combination of rubber granules or fibres with polyurethane binders. Regupol® products advantages include that they are highly adaptable, longevity, they can bear high-level loads and are 100% recycled and can be recycled again. It is ideal for impact sound insulation in residential and commercial floors. It offers outstanding impact sound deadening in a wide range of applications.


Antivibration polyurethane elastomer sheets


Antivibration sheets of different polyurethane bound rubber granulates

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