Vibro-Pi mini: Sound Insulation Suspension for Gypsum Board Ceilings

Suspension of sound insulation gypsum board ceilings. It can be used in all floating ceiling applications.

General Details


Vibro- Pi mini Sound Insulation Suspension is used to suspend sound insulating (gypsum board) ceilings, suspend air-ducts e.t.c. The design of the metal profile with its edges can be easily cut or bent in different lengths to achieve uneven levels of the floating ceiling when required.
Vibro-Pi mini consists of a metal frame of galvanized sheet properly formed. A special anti-vibration rubber support (Vibro-mini) is placed on the upper part. Through the rubber support an M6 screw (not included) is used which can be anchored to the ceiling.
The rubber anti-vibration support Vibro-mini is the result of specialized research made of high quality rubber compound with very good deflection versus load ratio for excellent vibration control. The special design of the metal profile is perforated thus it can be cut easily at different length in order to cover the project needs.


When installing a false ceiling from gypsum board using Vibro-Pi mini antivibration hanger
the following procedure is followed:
• Mark the hanging spots of the false ceiling.
• Drill up to Ø8 holes on the ceiling.
• Prepare Vibro-Pi mini without forming it into a Π shape
• Screw the bolts or rods.
• Fold the two side flaps so that a Π shape is created.
• Screw and hang the metal profile onto both side of Vibro- Pi mini.


  • Suspension of sound insulation gypsum board ceilings.
  • Anti-vibration suspension of air – ducts e.t.c.


Maximum Load: 20 daN
Natural Frequency: 15 Hz

Load of Suspension

8-20 daN for every suspension.

The anchor of suspension must be perpendicular.

Dynamic Characteristics

Natural frequency over 10Hz.

Application photos

Some applications of Vibro-CH mini can be shown below:

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