Suspension of sound insulation gypsum board ceilings. It can be used in all floating ceiling applications.

General Details

Vibro-PI mini consists of a metal frame of galvanized sheet appropriately formed with a special antivibration rubber support (Vibro-mini) and it is placed on the upper part.

Through the rubber support an M6 screw (not included) is used which can be anchored to the ceiling.

The rubber antivibration support Vibro-mini, is a result of extensive technological research, made of high quality rubber compound and very good deflection over load ratio.


  • Suspension of sound insulation gypsum board ceilings.
  • Antivibration suspension of air – ducts e.t.c.
Load of Suspension

8-20 daN for every suspension.

The anchor of suspension must be perpendicular.

Dynamic Characteristics

Natural frequency over 10Hz.

Application photos

Some applications of Vibro-CH mini can be shown below:

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