An antivibration mount with multiple springs- especially designed to have low height (type L) and is very effective with low frequency vibrations

General Details

Vibro-MS is an anti-vibration mount with multiple free-standing springs. It is specially designed to have a low height (type L) and is very effective in low-frequency vibrations absorption. The rubber profile at its base acts as a sound break and increases the isolation efficiency in high frequencies, which could be transmitted through the springs. The springs are fixed with an innovative fastening system.

Vibro-MS can be upgraded to Vibro-MS complex with the addition of an antivibration pad Vibro-EP. The spring & rubber combination expands the natural frequency range for better antivibration results.

Vibro-MS is used for low-frequency vibration control and especially in cases that the use of multiple springs is necessary for greater stability.

Selection Table

Vibro-MS Selection Table

Static deflection 25 mm under maximum load

Natural frequency up to 3 Hz under maximum load

Applications Photos

Some applications of Vibro-MS can be shown below:

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