Jack-up anti-vibration mount for concrete floating floors. Ideal for floating floor in studios and very sensitive mechanical applications.

General Details

Anti-vibration jack-up spring mount Vibro-JS is an advanced vibration control system for raised concrete floating floors.


Vibro-JS consists of a metal shell. Inside the shell a spring is placed, to absorb the vibrations. The poured concrete does not touch the supporting floor and so the sound bridge between the floating and the supporting floor is avoided. Its very easy to install, allows regulation of height and helps to avoid the use of remaining plywood forms. It also creates an air gap, which is beneficial for the sound insulation and the vibration control.



  1. Place a polyethylene sheet under and round all the surface of the concrete floating floor.
  2. Isolate the floating floor from building structure, with a suitable antivibration board, between the floating floor and the wall. (ISOLFON-FF)
  3. Place the antivibration mount Vibro – JS. and its cover plate.
  4. Place reinforcing of the slab and pour the concrete. Calculations of the concrete’s quality, adequate reinforcement and other requirements must be done from a Civil Engineer
  5. Place the internal antivibraiotn components of Vibro-JS
  6. Using the special tool (included in every order), screw progressively and uniformly the nut of the elevation mechanism, in order to load the springs and raise – regulate the concrete slab at the appropriate height.
  7. Place cover plate

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