Impact noise reduction for timber wooden floors. It is primarily used in gymnasiums, dancing halls, basketball courts but can also be used in domestic applications.

General Details

Vibro-FS is a specially designed homogeneous elastomeric support system that has been developed to reduce the impact noise on wooden floors.

Impact noise refers to sound produced when a short duration impulse, acts directly on a structure.

Vibro-FS vibration protectors offer a high reduction of impact noise from upstairs floors to the levels below.
The floor pads can also prevent the creation of thermal and acoustic bridges.

Also, they improve the insulation of lightweight partitions.

80 daN per mounting point.

Method of application

Inside the specially modulated receptor  l_l  can be installed with wooden batten or metal profile of floating walls (steel frame, metal studs etc.) and fixed on the lateral flaps with bolts. Vibro-FS can be fixed on the floor or the wall with expansion bolts or inox nails.

In every fix points must be used also metal washers.

The floor should not lay on the wall, that is the reason there should be placed the specially designed elastic profile Vibro-band.

Application Photos

The following images show applications of Vibro-FS.

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