Vibro FON: Audio System Acoustic Decoupler

Vibro FON is an audio decoupling system developed considering the needs of both studio and hi-fi users in mind.

Vibro FON is made of rubber and its main anti-vibration element is high-tech semi-closed cells polyurethane foam of 25mm thickness.

General Details

Vibro FON is an audio system acoustic decoupler support that consists of a cup made of rubber and its main anti-vibration element made of a polyurethane foam material (25mm thickness) of high-tech semi-closed cells (Regufoam©) hosted inside the cup. Its original design is a result of many years of experience in design and development of anti-vibration systems.

According to testing, while using the Vibro FON decouplers the transmission of sound energy from the audio system cabinet to its supporting surfaces is considerably reduced. The result is a significantly enhanced perception of low frequency accuracy, a clearer stereo image and thus an auditory representation that stays more true to the audio system manufacturer’s intended design.

Vibro FON audio system isolator, features:

  • Special Vibration absorber pad for effective decoupling
  • Reduces sound coloration, increases sound clarity & decreases acoustic feedback
  • Specially designed for Sub-woofers, monitor/hi-fi speakers, disc players, turntables, amplifiers and other audio equipment
  • Advanced technology energy absorbing foam material
  • Prevents structure-born resonances & mechanical distortion
  • A cost-effective solution for vibration control problems.

Φ 67mm x 30mm (height)

– Loudspeakers, subwoofers, Hi-Fi equipment support
– Floating concrete or wooden floors (without height adjustment)

Vibro FON-RR consists of a rubber cup and a major antivibration component made of PUR-bonded Recycled Rubber fibers with 2 dimpled bases. This special pad, which is the core of the anti-vibration damper, is enclosed within the rubber cup. Vibro-FON-RR, thanks to its dimpled surface, increased its active bearing surface when the applied weight is increased. At the same time its natural frequency remains constant. Therefore, it is suitable for a wide load range. See more.

Vibro FON is self-supporting in a wide range of applications, and due to increased friction (circular rings on the bearing base), attachment is not required (eg floating floors mounts).

Load Range

Vibro FON Selection Table

Frequently, the weight on the speakers is not distributed evenly. In this case, it is essential to select a different kind (color) of Acoustic decoupler for installation at the loudspeaker’s front and back side. It is necessary to examine the loudspeaker’s weight distribution before making a selection.

Application Photos
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