Vibro-EM.3: anti-vibration metal-rubber mount (type 3)

Type 3 antivibration elastic mount for HVAC applications especially where mounting to the floor and to the machinery is required.

General Details


Vibro EM.3 is a vibration control mount made with a combination of rubber and metal bonded parts. The metal parts are covered by rubber and are better protected from oxidation, whilst the top and bottom surface has special lining that increase friction and reduce the surface slipping.

The antivibration elastic mount Vibro EM.3 can be used to absorp vibration in:

  • air handling units
  • air conditioning units
  • pumps
  • air compressors
  • ventilatiors
  • transformers
  • motor generators
  • cutting machines
  • printing machines
  • lifts, etc.

A special marking (W : White, B : Blue) identifies the hardness of the rubber and the maximum load it can sustain.

Load Range
Section Table of Vibro-EM.3
Type (color code) Max. Load (daN)
Vibro-EM.3 (Blue) 200
Vibro-EM.3 (White) 350

Dynamic Characteristics:

Deflection: 3 mm at maximum load
Natural Frequency: 10 Hz at maximum load

Application photos

The following images show applications of Vibro-EM.3


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