Vibro-CH mini: Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension

The Vibro-CH Mini | Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension consists of a metal frame made of galvanized steel with notches in appropriate places and the antivibration mount Vibro mini

General Details


Multiform Suspension using the anti-vibration rubber support Vibro-mini – Vibro-CH mini:

  • Anti-vibration suspension of machinery (ventilators, air conditioning etc.)
  • Suspension of sound insulation false ceiling (gypsum board).
  • Anti-vibration suspension of pipes, air – ducts.

Vibro-CH mini consists of a galvanized heavy metal frame and the anti-vibration rubber support Vibro-mini. Usually, the metal frame is delivered in flattened form. The metal frame can be easily transformed to any of the 3 forms shown in the figures.


The Vibro-CH mini Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension can be used in the following forms:

  • Shape (1): screwed on both sides of the metal suspension’s profile.
  • Shape (2): screwed with 2 anchors on the ceiling.
  • Shape (3): is fixed with 1 anchor on the ceiling.
  • Shape (4): hanged up with a hook.


  1. Mark grid pattern and ceiling hanger position on existing
    non-isolated ceiling.
  2. Fasten the hanger in the concrete ceiling using steel flush anchor
    M8 and a relevant rod passing through the rubber element of the
    hanger, fix with a safety nut.
  3. Hangers are located according to the room dimensions and the
    total weight of the ceiling, approximately 4 hangers/m².
  4. Fix the legs of the isolator in the main profile using 2+2 appropriate
  5. All the metal channels shall not contact perimeter walls (avoiding
    sound bridges).
  6. In order to proceed with a leveling adjustment, turn the lower nut in
    appropriate direction until it reaches the required level.
  7. Install the gymsumboard system, including also sound absorption
    slabs and noise insulation membranes, according to the
    gymsumboard manufacturer instructions.
  8. Seal edges with resilient non-hardening mastic.
Load of Suspension

Dynamic Characteristics

Maximum Load: 20 daN & 50 daN

Natural frequency over the 10Hz.

More loads upon request.

Application photos

Some applications of Vibro-CH mini can be shown below:

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