Vibro-AMR: Anti-Vibration Spring isolator with Lateral Restrain

Anti-vibration spring isolators with lateral restrain, used for low frequency vibration isolation

General Details


Vibro-ΑMR Spring Isolator Mount is a multi-directional anti-vibration restraint with relative limit stops. It can be used for low-frequency vibration control (low-speed rotation 400 rpm upwards) that also requires lateral and vertical restraint and protection from earthquakes and excess wind pressure. They can sustain forces of the tension, compression, shear nature.

A polyester powder paint protects the metal plates from oxidation.


Vibro-AM.Restrained is recommended to be used for mechanical Noise & Vibration isolation for:

  • Vibrating equipment is likely to be subjected to seismic events.
  • When the vibrating equipment is likely to have its center of mass significantly altered.
  • When high wind loads or other external forces are applied.

There are two holes on the base for fixing with M8 pass-through bolts (not included). On the upper part, there is an M8 bolt in order for the Vibro-AMR to be fixed to the machinery. The housing of Vibro-AMR is designed to limit vertical and horizontal movement of the isolated equipment and offers a seismic protection.

All the metal parts of Vibro-AMR are constructed from metal plates with adequate thickness properly formed with no welding points. The rubber profile at its base acts as a sound break and increases the isolation efficiency in high frequencies. The two horizontal axis that restrains the spring in vertical and horizontal movements are covered with rubber to prevent noise transmission.

Vibro-AMR can offer simultaneously seismic control protection, successfully sustaining wind pressure lateral forces and at the same time, reduce the transmission of vibration to supporting structures.

If height regulation is required, a special jack screw can be provided along with the necessary nuts and washers.

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Selection Table

Vibro-AMR Selection Table






More load ranges available upon request.

Static deflection 25 mm under maximum load
Natural frequency up to 3 Hz under maximum load

Available also with 50 mm deflection
Available also with wire mesh internal damping (AMRD)

Application photos
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