Vibration Control products in MEP equipment in the extension of “Evangelismos” Hospital, in Athens

Vibration control products Vibro were successfully installed on the rooftop MEP equipment of the extension of the surgical department of “Evangelismos” Hospital in center of Athens, Greece. It should also be mentioned that except from standardised products from the VIBRO products range,  a new series of tailor made isolators where designed and installed in this application […]

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Comparison of vibration isolators with silicone to anti-vibration products made of natural rubber compounds

Vibro-SiL Silicone Vibration Control Products is our newest addition in the existing range of vibration isolators under the brand VIBRO. The constantly increased demand for a raw material that will offer increased capabilities in regards to extreme temperature, without reducing the vibration efficiency motivated us to create the new anti-vibration product category Vibro SiL.. All the products […]

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New series of anti-vibration silicone products Vibro.SiL

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI presents a complete new high-tech series of anti-vibration products produced from high quality elastomeric silicone, Vibro.SiL. The silicone based anti-vibration products is the latest addition in our vibration isolators. It is a complete new vibration isolators product category that enriches our product range of vibration control products. Silicone is an advanced synthetic rubber […]

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New spring isolators VIBRO SMR soon to be available!

We are very excited to announce that we have recently completed the innovative design and production of the antivibration product (spring mounts category)  VIBRO- SMR . A new antivibration spring mount with multi-directional lateral restrain and adjustable height. Spring mount Vibro-SM is an evolution of the spring mounts VIBRO-SM series (developed more than 15 years ago) offering further: – […]

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New Regufoam antivibration hangers

Aiming in further improvement of our vibration isolation product range, we have developed several vibration isolators that can be used in building and mechanical projects that require vibration reduction. Specifically we have developed some new anti-vibration hangers (using spring and Regufoam) that increase the loading capacity of our previous range of anti-vibration hangers. Specifically our latest product VIBRO HH can sustain up to 750kp […]

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NEW VIBRO catalogue in Spanish and Catalan languages

Following our very successful collaboration with company INSOFLOT in Spain, VIBRO is proud to present its new catalogs for 2014 in Spanish and Catalan language! The new catalog contains detailed technical information for the series of anti-vibration products VIBRO. It includes brief installation techniques, technical specifications and details on the anti-vibration specification that each product. The […]

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New Wall Braces developed

ALPHA Acosutiki is happy to introduce a new series of Vibration isolation products designed to absorb vibrations in flanking wall transmissions.  Both new products are a part of the “building vibration and isolation control” product group. More specifically they are both wall braces with different capabilities, able to cover a wide range of applications that require […]

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Updated VIBRO anti-vibration products applications photos

We would like to inform our website visitors that we have updated our anti-vibration products gallery. You can retrieve more photos of mechanical and building applications regarding vibration isolation methods.With this photos installing the vibration isolation products will be easier and more effective. Some of the updated anti-vibration products are: Spring isolator VIBRO MS Spring […]

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