New Antivibration products Vibro EP Metal Micro & Vibro-MP.F

May 4, 2023

New Antivibration products Vibro EP Metal Micro & Vibro-MP.F

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is pleased to announce the development of new anti-vibration systems. Anti-vibration Vibro EP Metal Micro and Vibro MP.F can be used in mechanical applications where vibration reduction is required.

Vibro-EP Metal MicroThe Vibro EP Metal Micro consists of a Vibro EP rubber pad with dimensions of 62.5×62.5x25mm and a specially shaped galvanized metal cover. Correspondingly, the anti-vibration product Vibro-MP.F consists of a specially formulated Regufoam® pad and the same metal cover.

The cover serves two purposes. On the one hand, it ensures the uniform distribution of the machine’s load over the entire surface of the element, while at the same time, in external applications it protects it from solar radiation or any oils that may be present.

The small dimensions of anti-vibration products offer a low-cost and efficient solution for low machine loads.

Vibro MP.F antivibration mountThe new shock absorbers can cover a wide range of mechanical applications in the industrial or construction field. Emphasis was also placed on achieving a lower natural frequency for each application. This results in maximum vibration absorption.

The use of the innovative Vibro EP Metal Micro and Vibro MP.F products is recommended for vibration isolation in:

Vibro-EP Metal Micro ApplicationLightweight devices 16-160 kg (assuming 4 bearing points). In relatively light weight machinery, the required static damper deflection to optimize vibration reduction (high resonant frequencies) is usually not achieved. This problem is solved with the new products designed.

– Devices where the support base of the machine has a small bearing surface, so the bearing is not loaded evenly.

– Applications that require high height adjustment.


ALPHA ACOUSTIKI has integrated the best practices of Ecological design and Circular Economy in the new product development process. By adopting this SUSTAINABILITY policy, we consider ourselves to be creating products that meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This policy was also followed in the development process of these new products.


The company, leveraging the know-how of its experienced engineers through many years of experience in the field of acoustics and vibration isolation, manages to follow the ever-growing pace of the market. It offers specialized products and services thus providing high-level solutions to modern problems, which makes it a pioneer in the sector.

For more information and technical options for the right anti-vibration system for your project, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department at

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