Alpha Acoustiki had the pleasure to participate in the opening of the NBTC Workshop on the 13th of June 2015, in Kuwait.  It was a great event and an opportunity to meet and discuss with our partners in Kuwait in regards to spring mounts and other antivibration solutions.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI’s vibration isolation products (spring mounts, spring hangers, rubber mounts, rubber hangers and seismic restrains) were successfully presented in one of the growing markets in the world.

We happy to say that we received a great response from the visitors primarily for the spring mounts and spring hangers. That fills us with enthusiasm in order to continue designing anti-vibration products that cover a wide range of applications for industrial, building and mechanical applications.

We strongly believe in the Kuwait market as it is growing and proving to be very competitive. We are very proud of our collaboration with NBTC as we share the same values and ideologies. Specifically our meeting in June offered us the opportunity to meet again (following our previous meetings in the year) enhance our business relationship and discuss about strategies in order to expand in spring mounts and other antivibration solutions in Kuwait.

NBTC is established in 1977 and took its first steps as a civil construction contractor with the concept of providing valuable, trustworthy and quality services. Civil Mechanical & Electrical, Tank Fabrication, Instrumentation & CP Works. Civil Mechanical & Electrical, Tank Fabrication, Instrumentation & CP Works. Now NBTC will be able to offer solutions that require spring mounts and other antivibration products.

NBTC ideologies and efforts unified in perfect harmony to make way for a business culture that is now taking strides in engineering & civil construction, fabrication & machining, inspection services, heavy equipment leasing and logistics.

Spring mounts and other antivibration solutions offering vibration reduction especially for mechanical and building applications are widely used in the market of Kuwait, that has high standards and specifications.

VIBRO Vibration isolation products and solutions already have a strong reference list of successfully executed projects in the Middle East, therefore our penetration in the market of Kuwait was smooth. Combining the technical and commercial capabilities of NBTC with almost 40 years of experience in the market of Kuwait with our expertise in vibration control and vibration isolation has enabled us to achieve some prestigious sales already.

Providing noise and vibration control solutions with products like spring mounts, spring hangers, antivibration mounts and floating floors gives us a great competitive advantage for the market of Kuwait.

For enquiries and projects that require spring mounts and other antivibration solutions in the market of Kuwait please contact us at or

About the Author
Antonios Argoudelis

Antonios is our Mechanical Vibration in HVAC systems specialist.

During his studies as an Industrial Engineer and his MSc in Noise and Vibration control he had the opportunity to set the foundations for enriching the VIBRO vibration isolation product range with more advanced systems.

He has recently become our new Exports Manager and deals with clients and queries from all around the globe.