Vibro QH-R

Anti-vibration hangers for gypsumboard celings with Regufoam®
  • QUICK & EASY CONNECTION with the metal profile of gypsum board ceiling systems.

Vibro QH-R consist of a specially designed galvanized metal suspension hanger, which has grappling edges for QUICK AND EASY connection with the standard ceiling profiles with dimensions 60x27 mm (for false ceilings) according to DIN 18182-1.
Therefore the working cost is decreased and the work of the installer is facilitated.

The elastic element of the Vibro QH-R hanger is high technology polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, with the trademark Regufoam®. Full range of its mechanical behavior diagrams and certificates, which were conducted at the University of Dresden, are available upon request.

Vibro QH-R is available with two different thickness of its elastic pad:

  • 12 mm (the economical solution)
  • 25 mm (better vibration control)

Load Range

10 - 20 kp* per mounting point.

*1 kp = 10Ν

Some applications of Vibro QH-R can be shown below:

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