Vibro-PI mini

Vibro-PI mini consists of a metal frame of galvanized sheet appropriately formed with a special antivibration rubber support (Vibro-mini) and it is placed on the upper part.

An M6 screw which can be anchored on the ceiling is placed through the rubber support.

The rubber antivibration support Vibro-mini, is a result of extensive technological research, made of high quality rubber compound and very good deflection over load ratio.


  • Suspension of sound insulation gypsum board ceilings.
  • Antivibration suspension of air - ducts e.t.c.

8-20 kp* for every suspension.

*1kp = 10N

The anchor of suspension must be perpendicular.

Dynamic Characteristics

Natural frequency over 15Hz.

Some applications of Vibro-CH mini can be shown below:

For more applications please contact us.

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