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We are very happy to announce the recent development of several types of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers using a cushion knitted stainless steel wire mesh. With the use of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers we increase the damping factor and limit the amplification at the natural frequency. Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers can be used for the.. read more →

Vibro-TRS is specially design to control structure borne noise and vibration for electrical transformers with transportation wheels in building applications. The elastomeric element used in Vibro-TRS is Regufoam Vibration PLUS from BSW Germany, available in different stiffness and thickness according to the weight of the transformer machine. Also it is equipped with special design restrains.. read more →

Our company and engineers who were involved with the accurate selection and supply for VIBRO vibration isolators are pleased to present one of the most important projects worldwide that VIBRO vibration control products have been used. General project information: Project: Stavros Niarhos Foundation Cultural Center (New National Opera and National Library of Greece) Location: Faliro Athens.. read more →

VIBRO vibration isolators with the assistance of our partners in Spain companies Insoflot and Acoustica Professional Applicada have successfully been installed in a prestigious project with several technical challenges. As illustrated in the photos below our team of acoustic engineers, studied and selected the most adequate solution for a floating floor with vibration isolators VIBRO EP and spring mounts directly.. read more →

Following our very successful collaboration with Akustické Materiály Ltd, VIBRO is proud to present its new catalogs for 2015 in the Czech language! Akustické Materiály Ltd is a Prague based company that is focused on retailing acoustic materials, soundproofing panels, flexible folding screens, plexiglass boards and other accessories.  The presentation contains detailed technical information for the vibration isolators VIBRO. You.. read more →

Transformer Vibration isolation The below application was carried out in the Institute of Catalan health in Barcelona, Spain from our partner INSOFLOT. The text is left in Spanish in order to be obtained by engineers in Spain as well. For more information: about the vibrtion isolator selection guide please click here  about the specific vibration isolation.. read more →

New Regufoam & Regupol types are available in Greek & Cypriot Market. ALPHA Acoustiki as the exclusive partner of BSW-Berleburg for Regufoam & Regupol Impact Sound Insulation & Vibration isolation products is happy to announce that the new product types are available in Greece and Cyprus. Additionally as a consequence Vibration control product that use Regufoam Vibro-CH.R, Vibro-QH.R & Vibro-3D also will adjust their technical characteristics.. read more →

Alpha Acoustiki had the pleasure to participate in the opening of the NBTC Workshop on the 13th of June 2015, in Kuwait.  It was a great event and an opportunity to meet and discuss with our partners in Kuwait in regards to spring mounts and other antivibration solutions. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI’s vibration isolation products (spring mounts, spring hangers, rubber.. read more →

Our team at ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is  proud to announce  our new partnership with the prestigious Bulgarian company called Decibel Bulgaria. The last months some projects have already been successfully accomplished and the Vibration isolation products VIBRO have already gained a large market share in the Bulgarian Market. Decibel Ltd. is a full- service, independent noise.. read more →

Following our recent expansion to the Belgian and Dutch market announced in June 2014 and collaboration with Company Ideal Acoustics our first prestigious project was recently delivered. Our first project was a prestigious music studio applications in Brussels, Belgium. The music studio was constructed  using the "room in a room" construction method to isolate vibrations.. read more →

Our partner for the Spanish region company INSOFLOT, had successfully supplied and installed our newest model of VIBRO spring mounts. Specifically in an engine test bench in a high tech- factory in Spain, the advanced spring mount VIBRO SMR with height adjsutment and lateral restrain was successfully utilised to isolate the vibration from the machine to.. read more →

Our team in ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd and specifically the anti-vibration division would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2015 bring more peace to the world and less vibrations in all senses. Our New Year's resolution is to offer more anti-vibration solutions and develop our range of anti-vibration products and expand in more countries and regions around the.. read more →

We would like to present our new spring mount with viscous damping achieving vibration isolation with very low natural frequency. Vibro-MSV is an antivibration mount with multiple springs. It is specially designed to have low height and is very effective with low frequency vibrations due to the viscous material. The elastic base acts as a sound break and increases.. read more →

Vibration control products Vibro were successfully installed on the rooftop MEP equipment of the extension of the surgical department of “Evangelismos” Hospital in center of Athens, Greece. It should also be mentioned that except from standardised products from the VIBRO products range,  a new series of tailor made isolators where designed and installed in this application.. read more →

Our company has carried out the selection and successful supply of the Vibration control products in MEP Equipment of the Hellenic Museum of Contemporary Art.  The Hellenic Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most prestigious projects of the recent years. It has been an international standards project with a lot of attention to all.. read more →

Vibro-SiL Silicone Vibration Control Products is our newest addition in the existing range of vibration isolators under the brand VIBRO. The constantly increased demand for a raw material that will offer increased capabilities in regards to extreme temperature, without reducing the vibration efficiency motivated us to create the new anti-vibration product category Vibro SiL.. All the products.. read more →

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI presents a complete new high-tech series of anti-vibration products produced from high quality elastomeric silicone, Vibro.SiL. The silicone based anti-vibration products is the latest addition in our vibration isolators. It is a complete new vibration isolators product category that enriches our product range of vibration control products. Silicone is an advanced synthetic rubber.. read more →

We are very excited to announce that we have recently completed the innovative design and production of the antivibration product (spring mounts category)  VIBRO- SMR . A new antivibration spring mount with multi-directional lateral restrain and adjustable height. Spring mount Vibro-SM is an evolution of the spring mounts VIBRO-SM series (developed more than 15 years ago) offering further: -.. read more →

  • Heavy duty antivibration hanger

  • Spring and regufoam antivibration hanger

Aiming in further improvement of our vibration isolation product range, we have developed several vibration isolators that can be used in building and mechanical projects that require vibration reduction. Specifically we have developed some new anti-vibration hangers (using spring and Regufoam) that increase the loading capacity of our previous range of anti-vibration hangers. Specifically our latest product VIBRO HH can sustain up to 750kp.. read more →

Following our very successful collaboration with company INSOFLOT in Spain, VIBRO is proud to present its new catalogs for 2014 in Spanish and Catalan language! The new catalog contains detailed technical information for the series of anti-vibration products VIBRO. It includes brief installation techniques, technical specifications and details on the anti-vibration specification that each product. The.. read more →

Our team in ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd and specifically the anti-vibration division would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2014 bring more peace to the world and less vibrations in all senses. Our New Year's resolution is to offer more anti-vibration solutions and develop our range of anti-vibration products even more covering a.. read more →

  • Anti-vibration wall brace
    Anti-vibration wall brace
  • Anti-vibration wall brace
    Anti-vibration wall brace

ALPHA Acosutiki is happy to introduce a new series of Vibration isolation products designed to absorb vibrations in flanking wall transmissions.  Both new products are a part of the "building vibration and isolation control" product group. More specifically they are both wall braces with different capabilities, able to cover a wide range of applications that require.. read more →

We would like to inform our website visitors that we have updated our anti-vibration products gallery. You can retrieve more photos of mechanical and building applications regarding vibration isolation methods.With this photos installing the vibration isolation products will be easier and more effective. Some of the updated anti-vibration products are: Spring isolator VIBRO MS Spring.. read more →

ALPHA ACOUSTIΚΙ Ltd, focusing on constantly improving its customer service, is happy to share the great news! We are moving our offices in our new headquarters on Apostolopoulou 73 in Halandri, 15231 Athens. All other contact details remain the same so for anything you need feel to call on +30 210 6779875 or email at.. read more →

CHAPTER 1. Introduction Being an engineering company specialized in noise and vibration control we often come across applications in music studios. Noise transmission in studios can be airborne (transmitted via the air) but also structure borne (transmitted via the building elements). Due to the large wave lengths occurring from low frequency sounds (drums, bass, saxophones).. read more →

Following our company’s growth in vibration control consultancy and our expand in several mechanical and environmental vibration measurement projects we are proud to announce that we have recently purchased NEW vibration measurement equipment. This equipment will not only contribute in measuring vibration for vibration consultancy projects, it will also contribute in improving our company’s Research and Development activity in.. read more →

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd participated at the annual technical conference held by the Hellenic Innovative Products Union technical conference. Engineers from different fields were given the opportunity to present their patterned products, their innovations and their pioneer advanced construction methods. Members of our technical department had the opportunity to present to the audience the latest innovative.. read more →

The R & D department of our company in order to cover the increasing demand of vibration isolation needs has successfully accomplished the design of a more innovative version of VIBRO-CH.R antivibration hanger. VIBRO CH.R is available in four different thickness of the vibration isolation material. Hence, the product has the ability to achieve natural.. read more →

Alpha Acoustiki is happy to announce the beginning of its collaboration in the United Kingdom, for the promotion of Antivibration products Vibro, with Salex-Acoustics Limited. Salex Acoustics team has many years of experience in the Acoustics, Sound and Vibration Sector of the Construction Industry. Additionally, Salex-Acoustics team throughout the years has developed many contacts within.. read more →

Due to the recent participation of our company in Euronoise ’09 in Edinburgh, we included all the major Vibro Antivibration Products in a complete presentation. That gave the opportunity to future customers and associates to familiarise themselves with the full Vibro range and the solutions that we offer in vibration control. Click here, to download.. read more →

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd participated in Euronoise '09 conference from the 26th to the 28th of October in Edinburgh, exhibiting its vibration control systems Vibro. It also had the pleasure to be its Bronze Sponsor and contribute in organizing the conference. Euronoise is the European conference of noise control and is organized by the National Acoustical.. read more →

The new 2-page catalogue of Vibro products has just been released in English. Participating in some conferences in Europe and Asia before the end of the year, has motivated us in completing this brief illustration of our product range. That includes Euronoise 2009 in Edinburgh on the 26th to the 28th of October 2009, where.. read more →

The new 16 page Vibro product catalogue in Greek is completed. It contains analytical information about all the antivibration systems which are designed and manufactured in our country and are distributed to many countries abroad. In this new catalogue, all information are provided, in order to chose the appropriate antivibration system. Our Technical Department is.. read more →

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd participated in the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) technical conference at the Ledra Marriott Hotel in Athens. The Directing Manager of ALPHA ACOUSTIKI and Mechanical Eng. Mr. Theodor Argoudelis presented at the conference the subject of "Vibration Control in Electromechanical Installations". read more →