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  1. Vibration control in Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing applications is very critical as vibration can result in high disturbance in several receivers’ points and even lead to vibrating machine failure. Vibration control products Vibro offer a complete range of Vibration Control Hangers, Vibration Control Pads, Spring Antivibration Mounts.
  2. Architectural & Building Applications
    Acoustically sensitive architectural spaces like restaurants, bars, discos, auditoriums, cinemas etc require advanced vibration isolation in order to avoid structure borne vibration transmission through the structural elements. Vibration can be transmitted through floors, walls and ceilings. VIBRO products can cover a wide range of architectural and building vibration isolation from a domestic application to an advanced floating concrete floor.
  3. Studio applications
    In rehearsal and recording studios it is often required to construct a”box in a box” or “room in a room” construction. That is required in order to isolate the vibration which can be amplified by the structural elements and be transferred in several acoustically sensitive points within or outside the studio. That includes floating ceilings, floating floors and floating walls.

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